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Sentimental valueSpring-clean your finances!
With winter fading fast and spring in sight, you may be thinking of giving your home a spring clean. As well as getting your house in order, why not take the opportunity to freshen up your finances too, with these handy hints from the Financial Ombudsman Service:
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Sentimental valueSentimental Value
Although I advocate a clutter-free existence, I must admit I am a sentimentalist at heart and therein lies the rub. How can you be both sentimental and clutter-free, when one involves the amassing of assorted ephemera and the other involves getting rid of it?
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Asparagus - the taste of summerAsparagus! - the taste of summer
Hailed by leading chefs as the best in the world, be sure you don't miss out on its relatively short season of just seven to eight wonderful weeks. Think summer... think asparagus! For May and June only, this sensational home grown 'super food', packed with nutrients and aphrodisiac qualities, can be enjoyed for all occasions and for all meal times.
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Nutrition & HealthNutrition & Health
So much is written nowadays about eating healthily that the consumer can easily become overwhelmed with the unnecessarily detailed and sometimes contradictory advice given. It's easy to form the impression that sound nutrition is complex. It isn't. In reality, sticking to a few basic principles should ensure you maintain good dietary habits.
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Heeding your body’s warning signalsHeeding your body’s warning signals
Even though your immune system is invisible, there are ways to find out if it is in trouble if you know what to look out for.  You can start by thinking about how you feel right now – is your immune system in trouble?  Try our questions and answers to find out.
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The World in MiniatureThe World in Miniature
One of the truly great things about retiring is that you have all the time in the world to do whatever you choose to do.  Anne Pincombe discovers why New Zealand is the destination of choice for so many holidaymakers.
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The Beguiling Beauty of FlorenceThe Beguiling Beauty of Florence
Surrounded by gently rolling hills, Florence, once the capital of Italy and one of the most influential cities in the world, still maintains its splendour to the present day. Alastair Wallbanks writes about this magnificent city.
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sISTANBUL - Queen of Cities
Straddling the continents of Europe and Asia, Istanbul’s strategic location has made it a cultural crossroads beyond compare. Its geographical position alone seems to have made it destined to be the capital of a mighty empire.
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- The risks
Are you living dangerously? It may be exhilarating to risk life and limb on a ski slope or racing at Brands Hatch, but there is no fun in putting your body at risk from osteoporosis.
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Looking forward to retirementLOOKING FORWARD TO RETIREMENT
Just as there are some people who become engaged within three hours of meeting and live happily ever after, there are others who without any apparent planning enjoy a totally fulfilled retirement, clearly relishing everything it has to offer.
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Lake Balaton, in Western Hungary, may not register in many people’s minds as it is an area mostly unknown to Brits. However discerning Germans, Austrians and Swiss have been holidaying there for years! It is an area of outstanding natural beauty with central Europe’s largest lake, with 200 km of shoreline.
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Food is our ‘living fuel’, yet we tend to take it for granted – sometimes using it to reward ourselves for working hard, but most often to stifle feelings of boredom, loneliness and stress.
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Fresh British beans and peasFRESH BRITISH BEANS AND PEAS
Fresh beans and peas are in season in Britain throughout the summer, from June to September, and are currently enjoying a welcome revival in popularity.
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Buying a roseBuying a rose
I always feel a great thrill when I go out to buy roses. For me it's not just retail therapy, it's the anticipation of what's to come. When I hold a rose plant in my hand, it may be nothing more than a bunch of twigs and a few roots - but I can see past that. I can imagine the rose growing in my garden and how it will transform a particular area. I can see the colour of its flowers and I can almost enjoy its scent.
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Haugalandet - Norway's birthplaceHaugalandet - Norway's birthplace
Haugalandet which includes the coastal city of Haugesund may not register in many people's minds as a holiday destination; it is an area mostly unknown to British travellers.
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Vitalise - respite care with a differenceVitalise - respite care with a difference
For disabled and older people, finding genuinely accessible accommodation for a short break or holiday can be a fraught process. People seeking a respite break for the first time are naturally very wary of the term 'respite care', which perhaps conjures up visions of some cold, impersonal institution.
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Coventry and Warwickshire – Castle and CathedralsCoventry and Warwickshire – Castle and Cathedrals
Coventry and Warwickshire has an inspiring choice of local attractions.  In the Heart of England, and featuring some of the finest heritage that the country has to offer, it makes the perfect destination for a short break.
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A little tenderness Broccoli recipesA little tenderness Broccoli recipes
Using Broccoli is a great way to incorporate extra portions of dark green leafy vegetables in to your diet and it is so versatile you can include it in many different dishes.  Here are a few for you to try courtesy of Tenderstem®.
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Finance and thingsFinance and things
Many of us live in a ‘clutter crisis’ and now the time to re-assess and sort out any of your finance problems.  Whether it is the lure of mail order, supermarket seduction, or perhaps buying in bulk, we offer ways in which you can help yourself avoid money traps.
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Working with flowersWORKING WITH FLOWERS - How to create a Jardin Paysan
When it comes to selecting which flowers to plant and where, observe the same rule as with garden planning: before visiting the nursery (pépinière) or garden centre (jardinerie), step back and think through the effect you would like to achieve.
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Benefits of a pet when you retireTHE BENEFITS OF GETTING A PET WHEN YOU RETIRE
Retirement whether planned or unplanned, voluntary or otherwise can often leave a huge void in your life. The important thing is to fill that void in such a way that you remain physically fit, mentally agile and continue to enjoy the social interaction with other people.
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Ask anyone who has been retired for some years and they will tell you they don’t know where all the hours in the day disappear to. But at the onset it can bring a mixture of anticipation, excitement and apprehension. After all, 2,000 extra hours to fill each year does seem an awful lot. take a look.
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Dorset is an area that will surprise and delight any visitor, at any time of the year. On the sunny south coast, Dorset is a land of historic charm and nostalgia combined with the modern day comforts to be found in lively resorts.
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sLEEKS - The Healthy Choice!
Known as ‘The poor man’s asparagus’, leeks have been a British culinary staple for generations. They might have taken a backseat in recent years, but they are now back, undergoing a welcome revival in popularity and oozing with real flavour.
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Not so long ago people received the news of Angina like a death sentence. These attitudes are outdated and should be forgotten.  Find out what it is, how to recognise it, what to do about it yourself and what your doctor is likely to do about it.
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